Accepting new clients in February 2022

  • It is the very thing you underestimate about yourself that will help you create your own magic.
    -Elaine Welteroth

    Hi my name is Roshelle Ogundele.

    I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing virtual mental health counseling to individuals in California. With me as your therapist, you can expect to:

    • Build confidence to tackle life transitions
    • Discover a renewed sense of self and purpose
    • Set healthy boundaries in personal and professional relationships
    • Learn and effectively utilize new skills to manage difficult situations

    What's been on your mind:

    Are you feeling stuck, confused, or frustrated?

    Are you thinking about leaving a relationship but are not sure if you are ready?

    Have you lost yourself in the endless pursuit of success and trying to figure out how you got here?

    Have you moved to a new city and are struggling to date or find your community?

    Are you feeling so overwhelmed that you want to move to a remote location?

    If you answered yes to at least oneā€¦

    Here Are Some Places To Get Started