Accepting new clients in February 2022

  • Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy is a great opportunity to quiet the outside noise and focus on your dreams, healing, and personal development. In taking time to focus on yourself, you can begin the process to uncover underlying causes of your worries and fears that may be blocking you from your personal and professional goals. Individual therapy can create a space for you to develop relaxation skills, techniques to approach situations in a new less frightening way, and learn coping and problem-solving skills. We will work collaboratively to clarify your goals and develop an individualized plan to meet those goals.

    I utilize a combination of therapeutic approaches to help individuals uncover barriers to their progress and more effectively and efficiently reach their goals.

    I work specifically with clients who are experiencing:
    -New or ongoing life transition/s
    -Difficulty in interpersonal relationships
    -Unpleasant thoughts and emotions related to cultural identity
    -Porous boundaries in their relationships
    -Career and/or work related stress